WhatsApp Deleted Messages: Here’s how to recover an accidentally deleted message

WhatsApp Deleted Messages, How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Recovering Deleted Messages on WhatsApp: Users can now restore a deleted message on WhatsApp.

The new WhatsApp feature is designed to protect users from situations in which they wanted to delete a message for everyone but mistakenly clicked the “Delete for me” option.

We’ve all done it, but now you can undo when you mistakenly delete a message that you meant to delete for everyone. said WhatsApp.

Users who accidentally hit the “delete for everyone” option on WhatsApp can use the “undo” option. Once a message has been deleted, a little dialogue box with a “Undo” option will appear. By pressing the button, you can get back the message you just deleted.

Both Android and iPhone users will be able to use the function, according to WhatsApp. Users will surely take use of this feature, which is a great addition.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages
Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

It is important to remember that both you and the receivers must have the most recent version of the app in order to use the “delete for everyone” option.

In Additional; a new feature that allows users to turn off call notifications on Windows beta has also begun to roll out for instant messaging. It should be noted that beta testers already have the option to turn off WhatsApp call notifications.

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