New Updates for WhatsApp Groups: Admins get more control

Mark Zuckerberg announces new updates for WhatsApp groups

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced two new updates for WhatsApp groups. These updates will give more control to the admins over their group privacy.

Updates to WhatsApp Groups

“Groups continue to be an essential part of WhatsApp, and we’re excited to give people even more tools to get the most out of groups. Today, we’re excited to roll out a few new changes we’ve made to make these more manageable for admins and easier to navigate for everyone,” Meta’ statement read.

Let’s discuss the new updates in detail;

Admins can control who can join the group

With the new update, admins will be able to decide who can join the group. This will allow admins to easily choose who can participate in intimate conversations within the group. It is important for the privacy and safety of group members to be able to control who can join the group.

Easily see groups in common

WhatsApp has also made it easier to see which groups you have in common with someone. With the growth of larger Communities, this update will help users to remember the name of a group they share with someone or see the groups they are both in. All you have to do is search for the contact’s name to see your groups in common.


WhatsApp continues to improve its groups feature, which is an essential part of the app. These updates are designed to give admins more control over their groups and make it easier for users to navigate their groups.

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