How To Create Polls on WhatsApp; Follow This Step-By-Step Guide

Both iOS and Android users of WhatsApp now have the option to create polls. Here is a step-by-step process to set-up and create new poll.

WhatsApp keeps developing new, simple features to expand the app’s functionality and user base.

WhatsApp has launched a new Poll feature for iOS and Android users to create polls in groups as well as in personal chats.

The poll feature is only available for mobile version and is expected to come for WhatsApp for Web version soon.

The Meta-owned instant-messaging app WhatsApp allows users to add maximum 12 options in the poll. The feature allows users to create a poll and cast their vote on other’s polls by simply tapping on the available option as per your choice.

Step-By-Step Guide to Create Polls on WhatsApp

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Open the personal or group chat you want to create a poll in.
  3. For iOS, tap on the + icon on the bottom of the screen, and select Poll.
  4. For Android, tap on the icon that resembles a pin, and then select Poll.
  5. Next, enter your poll question and subsequent responses.
  6. Currently, you can add up to 12 responses.
  7. Once done, tap send to create your Poll.

Every time a new vote is added, the poll is automatically updated. By selecting the “view votes” option, users may additionally examine poll-related details such as who saw the poll results. Simply access the poll and select “View Votes.” You will see information about the poll, such as who voted and which choice the others chose.

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