mPassport Police App Launched for Faster Passport Verification

Ministry of External Affairs Launches "mPassport" Police App to Speed Up Passport Verification Process.

The Ministry of External Affairs introduced the ‘mPassport Police App’ to improve and speed up the police verification process for issuing passports. On the occasion of the Delhi Police Force’s Raising Day, Union Home Minister Amit Shah handed 350 mobile tablets to the Special Branch personnel, which will now help make the entire process of police verification and report submission paperless, according to a release issued by the Delhi-based Regional Passport Office (RPO) of the Ministry of External Affairs.

The Regional Passport Officer, Delhi, Abhishek Dubey, stated in a press release that the verification time for issuing passports will be reduced from 15 days to 5 days using the tablet. As a result, the time limit for passport issuance will be shortened by 10 days. The RPO Delhi has committed to better service delivery and Digital India, according to a tweet on Friday, stating that the mPassport Police App will reduce the verification time to 5 days.

Delhi Police tweeted on Thursday that 350 mobile tablets were given to the Special Cell/Delhi Police personnel by Amit Shah, which will make the passport application verification process digital and paperless, reducing verification time to 5 days. On Thursday, Home Minister Amit Shah tweeted that he had launched the Passport Mobile Application to enable quick passport verification, which will save time and bring transparency to police investigations. These actions are significant steps towards Prime Minister Modi’s Police Technology Mission for Smart Policing.

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