How to Port VI number to Airtel in 2023; Check Full Guide

Port VI number to Airtel: Most telecom users have a preferred telecom service provider over others. However, if you are experiencing low network coverage or other quality difficulties, you may need to change operators. Customers may now move their phone number from their current service provider to a new one using the MNP (mobile number portability) option offered by service providers.

The procedure of transferring your mobile phone number from one service provider to another in India is handled by the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service.

Port VI number to Airtel

To port your VI number to Airtel in 2023, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a porting code (also known as a Unique Porting Code or UPC) from VI. You can request a UPC by sending an SMS with the message “PORT” to 1900. You can also visit a VI store to request a UPC in person.
  2. Visit an Airtel store or authorized retailer and provide your UPC, as well as proof of identity (such as a passport or voter ID) and proof of address (such as a utility bill or bank statement).
  3. Fill out the porting form provided by Airtel and submit it, along with any required documents, to the Airtel representative.
  4. Wait for Airtel to process your request. This may take up to seven working days.
  5. After your porting request has been approved, you will receive a message from Airtel with a date and time for the porting to take place. On the specified date, your VI number will be deactivated and your Airtel number will be activated.
  6. Once your Airtel number is activated, you can start using it for calls, texts, and data services.

It’s important to note that you may need to pay any outstanding balances or fees to VI before you can complete the porting process. You should also make sure that your new Airtel plan is compatible with your device and meets your needs.

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Eligibility To Port VI number to Airtel

The only eligibility requirement is that your existing VI SIM card connection be valid for at least 90 days before requesting porting to the Airtel network.

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